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“The human body is always treated as an image of society”

Mary Douglas

We specialize in cover ups, fine line, new school, old school, portraits, cover all styles and aspects of work, from tribal to religious, from animals to flowers, cartoons and fantasy tattoos, from bio mechanical style to macabre, black and gray or colored, we will offer advice and work with you to ensure you make the right choice and you leave our studio with a piercing or tattoo to be proud of.

We have lots of tattoo designs to choose from, however should you not find something to your liking we will accommodate you with a custom designed piece drawn by the master himself! Our premises are clean and hygienic and all our equipment is sterilized and disposable.

The Maouri at Cthulhu Tattoo Hermanus

Maybe you already have a lot of tattoos, or maybe you don't have any... yet. But you've been dreaming about the tattoo you want for a while now and you know you want it to be the best tattoo possible something you know you are going to be proud to own 30 years from now. And you know you want to get tattooed in a clean, professional environment by an artist with the talent and experience to bring the dreams you have about your tattoos to life.

Cthulhu Tattoo is dedicated to quality work, customer service, and the philosophy that every tattoo and piercing, whether a tiny butterfly or a full back piece, a nose ring or custom jewelry should be a "masterpiece". No tattoo, piercing or customer is any less or more important than another.

Welcome to Cthulhu Tattoo & Piercing Studio in Hermanus

So come and visit our friendly studio in Hermanus,

South Africa and see the master at work!